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Newsmag is an advanced WordPress topic that gives you a chance to compose articles and blog entries easily. We offer incredible help and neighborly help! 

The Newsmag layout is amazing for a news, paper, magazine, distributing or audit site. It additionally underpins recordings from YouTube and highlights a rating framework. It utilizes the best perfect SEO rehearses, and in addition, it’s quick, basic, and simple to utilize. What’s more, News mag underpins responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

Adaptation 4.7 – December thirteenth, 2018 
new: Font alternative for content logo and slogan.

misc: Compatibility with Gutenberg and WordPress 5.
misc: We refreshed the Visual Composer module to the most recent adaptation.
fix: LazyLoad on moderate system associations. If it’s not too much trouble clear the entirety of your reserves, including program store.
fix: Css fixes for flex squares.

Variant 4.6 – November sixth, 2018 
new: We’re presenting the instinctive Right-Click alternative in the tagDiv Composer page developer to bring you new highlights and a characteristic method to plan your site
new: Flex square 1 and 2. The new flex square components empower exceptional formats with a ton of adaptability.
new: Author Box and Image Box
new: Pinterest choice on Social Counter
new: Fixed tally alternative Social Counter
new: Option to pick the H label group for the Title component new: fixed check Social Counter
new: The rundown of Used Colors for pickers is presently accessible in tagDiv Composer in the Recent Colors area
new: The rundown of Used Fonts is accessible in the tagDiv Composer under the Load Font Settings menu
new: We refreshed the Visual Composer to the most recent rendition.
misc: Update for tagDiv Newsletter module: included MailChimp GDPR checkboxes
misc: WPML support
fix: Column Text encoding issues
fix: a Pinterest programming interface
fix: Weather square mapped on tagDiv Composer
Variant 4.5 – July fifth, 2018 


new: included help for different sticky sidebars. The setting is accessible when you select a segment in the tagDiv Composer page developer
new: custom URL choice for RSS in tagDiv Social Counter module
fix: WPML banner in post content
fix: if the footer is handicapped, starting now and into the foreseeable future, it will be covered up on the AMP topic form as well
fix: different grammatical errors in the Theme Options board
fix: Pinterest square API issues. It likewise has better blunder messages
fix: the trade gadget presently fills in of course yet it requieres a programming interface key
misc: better mistake messages when tagDiv Composer experiences an issue
Variant 4.4 – May 24th, 2018 
new: we included help for the private strategy WordPress page on the login/register modular window.
new: setting to incapacitate google text styles in subject board – textual styles – google text styles settings. You can stack nearby textual style documents and use them rather than outside textual styles.
misc: the module refresh framework was totally revamped without any preparation. It endeavors to refresh the module utilizing various ways and on the off chance that it comes up short, it will demonstrate an administrator see with data about what module fizzled and why.
misc: all modules presently have a fabricated date on them other than the rendition.
misc: the subject is GDPR agreeable at this point.
new: alternate ways to use in the footer content – date, sitelink, privacy_policy and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The rundown of alternate ways is accessible in the subject board beside the setting.
Variant 4.3 – April eighteenth, 2018 


new: tagDiv AMP module – tagDiv’s answer for actualizing Google AMP in WordPress
new: tagDiv Newsletter module – pamphlet structure delightfully planned with more than 8 styles
new: textual style settins would now be able to be spared as a preset and apply on every one of the squares from tagDiv Composer easly
new: social sharing systems, the subject presently underpins Linkedin, Tumblr, Email sharing, Telegram, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, VK, LINE and Viber
new: capacity to reorder the social symbols with intuitive from the subject board
new: 20 social symbols styles for social sharing
new: if the symbols don’t fit on screen the topic will consequently conceal them
fix: pinteres board url
fix: facebook recordings bolster presently works once more
fix: we refreshed to the most recent instagram programming interface, this should fix every one of the issues
misc: improved tagDiv writer determination cover. New hues and better ui, presently the controls are outside of the choice cover, this permits better choice for little things.
misc: wp-administrator execution issue. We streamlined the writer to stack just what’s required and where is required. Wp-administrator speed ought to extraordinarily improve.
misc: gigantic speed improvemnts in tagDiv author manager. We completed a full memory utilization review for tagDiv Composer and we fixed a couple of memory spills.
misc: we expelled unneded affirmations from tagDiv writer. For instance when the substance of the page was not changed and a client needed to close the author.
misc: when shutting tagDiv Composer you will be diverted to the previeous page rather than the default alter page. We found this gives a superior client experience
misc: tagDiv author presently has another shading picker content that is significantly quicker then the former one. A similar shading picker is utilized on the gadgets.
misc: we included two or three new social symbols that are accessible on the best bar and footer of the site
Variant 4.2 – November 17, 2017 
misc: Visual Composer module refreshed to the most recent rendition
misc: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9
Rendition 3.4 – April twelfth, 2017
new: speed promoter module variant. If it’s not too much trouble refresh it on the off chance that you use it.
new: alternatives for google text style loads and styles. The topic will just load the required textual style loads and styles starting now and into the foreseeable future
misc: better module portrayals and help content
misc: every enormous framework currently demonstrate a pleasant blunder message when they don’t fit in the format of the site. (at the point when utilized on one section or two)
fix: added different missing interpretations to the interpretation board
fix: some square formats where not ready to change shading on firefox due to a checked style
fix: we expelled the balance from ajax asks for, this furnishes a superior client involvement with the topic and the channels
fix: the worldwide modular window presently disregards pictures with outer connections. Prior to this refresh, the modular windows was endeavoring to open the outside connection
fix: the jetpack arranging strategy on squares presently functions obviously once more
fix: instagram pictures aligment issues
fix: all installs that flood content on little screens are presently fixed
misc: subject board format and dividing is abundantly improved at this point
misc: inline advertisement shows at the last passage at whatever point there are not the same number of sections referenced in After Paragraph field and the article base promotion isn’t dynamic
misc: we refreshed the rundown of good modules in the topic
fix: refresh the instagram symbol
fix: the secret phrase reset connection that was sent from our login modular window was not working
fix: we changed to https all the post sharing connections
fix: the not verified cautioning in chrome possibly shows up now when the login box is opened
fix: subject activity blunder in the status board when the topic is as of now actuated
fix: highlighted pictures from vimeo recordings are currently bigger
fix: ajax login works now by means of https
fix: the example module that tells the best way to include new modules and squares functions not surprisingly now. It was giving a lethal mistake
Variant 3.3.1 – January 26th, 2017 


fix: We adjusted the login modular window code to possibly show up on the page when first page login is empowered. This ensures a few variants of Chrome program won’t check the site as Not Secure.
Variant 3.3 ]
– improvement: Visual Composer module refreshed to the most recent variant 5.0.1
– improvement: Revolution Slider module refreshed to the most recent variant
– improvement: full similarity with WordPress 4.7
– new: The Plugin Page from where a client introduces the included modules was totally updated to be more easy to use.
– new: included help for square layouts overwritten through the Theme API framework in demos. Every future demo would now be able to stack distinctive square layouts if necessary.
– new: the remark structure is presently approved with javascript. This was a since a long time ago asked for highlight and we are extremely glad how it turned out.
– new: the select header segment was upgraded to utilize symbols rather than just content
– improvement: css fixes in the subject board and the appreciated screen
– improvement: we at last refreshed the social symbols and we likewise expelled the symbols for dead administrations (picasa, Posterous and so forth)
– improvement: the Social Networks board currently checks each contribution to be right, this anticipates client blunder and terrible URL’s that expected to go to informal communities profiles however rather go to 404 pages on the site
– improvement: we expelled the maximum width from srcset on pictures and the responsive pictures on versatile currently fill in not surprisingly
– improvement: interpretation board data content
– improvement: on android, when a client utilizes the portable pursuit, it will self-adjust on the information field now
– fix: secret key ensured remarks presently fill in not surprisingly
– fix: facebook recordings that are in the substance of the post presently work and resize not surprisingly
– fix: textual style board css issues
– fix: the label ajax channel currently shows the labels in the request of the id’s the client chooses. Before it was one after another in order
– fix: home breadcrumb does not show up as organized information as required by the google metadata testing device
– fix: smartlists that had picture inscriptions with HTML where broken. Presently we fixed them.
– fix: class arranging choices was not working some of the time.
[Variant 3.2 – October tenth, 2016] 


new: included help for plan choices the greater part of the squares. You would now be able to change the cushioning, edge and fringe on squares
new: included help for retina pictures our squares and modules. You can empower them in the board.
misc: different center code refactoring and improvements.
misc: better subject documentation and better help message in board
misc: included utilized for thumbnails in topic board
misc: document way and names are currently unmistakable on every module, savvy list, format and so on float
misc: breadcrumbs markup, included BreadcrumbList construction
fix: our squares now and again had issues autoadjuting the segment include when put an internal line that is in succession
fix: on first introduce the Visual Composer tooltip was showing up over our tooltip and there was no real way to close the final open tooltip
fix: wrong recomanded sections in Visual Composer, new clients discovered it dificult to discover on what colum formats our squares work best
fix: foundation promotion on tempalte 8
fix: top menu drift and foundation promotion cursor fix bugs
fix: pictures that have alignnone now fill in not surprisingly
fix: primary menu was stacking without css on first burden
fix: modular login catch css
Variant 3.1 ]


Refresh NOTICE: Please note that this rendition does not work with inheritance Visual Composer variants.
– new: Visual Composer module refreshed to the most recent form 4.12
– new: login, register and overlooked secret phrase ajax windows, a total and progressively current upgrade.
– new: included help for full tallness lines, segment position and substance position on them in Visual Composer.
– new: included help for parallax speed columns
– new: included help for equivalent stature inward lines and substance situation
– new: setting to shroud the creator name on modules and on single posts freely. Already there was just a single worldwide setting.
– new: Added help for custom text styles in subject board that are transferred by means of the wordpress media exhibition. The custom text styles can be utilized simply like before on the vast majority of the topic’s UI without composing any code
– new: the climate gadget presently opens an info if it cannot find the client by means of the program’s area API.
– improvement: we completely reworked the drifting presently hinder, it’s currently more slender and it works better
– improvement: square parameters presently have a superior portrayal
– improvement: code enhancements to the accompanying shortcodes: td_block_big_grid_slide, td_block_homepage_full_1, td_block_ad_box and the video playlists
– improvement: the media display that is utilized in the topic board is currently less jumbled and without the unused alternatives
– improvement: we cleaned the subject board and the code is increasingly composed at this point
– improvement: every one of the squares presently demonstrate a notice to administrators on the frontend when there are missing settings that are required.
– improvement: the primary topic loader is smoother now and has little plan upgrades
– improvement: we changed the manner in which formats distinguish the Visual Composer module. The recognition technique depends on VC_ROW and it possibly triggers when VC_ROW is found in the substance. This enables one to utilize shortcodes in the default formats that have sidebar + title.
– improvement: included textual style settings for post records
– improvement: drop tops text style settings issue fix
– improvement: all the promoting squares currently bolster an advertisement title
– improvement: different google website admin organized information issues have been fixed
– improvement: better help for IE8
– fix: classification dropdown list with long classification titles currently functions not surprisingly
Live inquiry with ajax and up down keys
A single tick demo introduce – NO MORE .XML documents, with only a single tick you have the demo information introduced
Fueled by Visual Composer – the best Drag and Drop page manufacturer
Custom auto scaling content squares – a square changes it’s structure to work consummately (in sidebar, full width or pages with sidebar)
Responsive Google AdSense support by means of our custom administrator board – the contents stacks an alternate google adsense spot for each screen measure. When it’s stacked it doesn’t change it so as to be 100% agreeable with Google adSense TOS.
Responsive advertisements support – for promotion arranges that permit various advertisement spots on the equivalent div or on the off chance that you need to demonstrate your own advertisements on various gadgets. This choice will change the advertisement spot on the fly, for instance when a tablet is changed from scene to picture. (the header standard from the demo site is utilizing this framework)
Inline Google AdSense or different advertisements after a predefined number of sections
Auto youtube, dailymotion and vimeo thumb downloader – simply glue a youtube url and the webpage will download the biggest picture accessible from the clasp naturally and it will set it as an included picture. Easy to add recordings to articles.
Worked in audit framework (stars, percents, focuses)
Web optimization: Schema with rich scrap microdata for articles and surveys
Worked in interpretation support from our administrator board. No more .po .mo records, you simply get a structure with every one of the strings from the subject and the comparing interpretations. We detest po mo documents 🙂
Multi Language site support through the free qTranslate module. All from wp-administrator.
All the worldwide settings are accessible in the wordpress subject customizer with live review
gif movement support – this is a beta component.
Google text styles – change the textual styles simple from the administrator board
fix: Weather estimate
Variant 4.1 – November first, 2017 
misc: Visual Composer module refreshed to the most recent variant
misc: Revolution Slider module refreshed to the most recent adaptation
fix: Weather gadget
fix: XSS Security issue
fix: Background click promotion
Form 4.0 – July thirteenth, 2017
new: Challenging you to be progressively inventive and gainful, we’ve included the principal page developer at any point made for online journals, news and magazine sites. Newsmag 4 brings you tagDiv Composer – a lighter, quicker and increasingly proficient approach to construct your site. Prepared to be utilized directly on the frontend, simpler than at any other time, seeing each change in a split second.
new: Live frontend LESS and CSS editorial manager. This enables you to rapidly add CSS or LESS speedy to any page of your site
new: News Magazine demo
new: Clear Voice demo
new: Sound Square demo
new: catches that are accessible in the organization menu

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